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Type A:Product Integration

Multi-channel projection images integrating engineering for high resolution,larger and wider field of view, multi-surface application environment that forms PC clusters, projection engineering,image stitching, image and technology integration,engineering and services in training centers,command and control center, conference, theater, exhibitions and other application areas.

360-degree Multi Projection System

♦Central screen projection systemis generally a 360-degree multi projection system, usually composed of 6,8,9 projectors.

♦Central screen projection system has a sense of immersion as it features a large field of view;currently the more commonly used method in special exhibitions.

♦Central screen projection system works according to application needs and has the option of using splicing to integrate MVB-P or software splicing to integrate MVB-M.
Spherical Cinema
4D theatres supports 6DOF motion platforms, 4D seats and different modes which can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements.
Type B: Exhibition Technology

We provide our clients with advanced technology and services that offers more versatility through technolog
y integration, graphics technology, photoelectric sensor control technology, image recognition, and speech recognition technology as the core.

Phantom Imaging

Phantom imaging technology integrates information, people or events in a real simulation scene.
Digital Sand Table
Virtual Interactive Sand Table System
Mechanical Dynamic Matrix Ball
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