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Project Workflow
Top Expo is an ISO 9001 Certified Company


Customer service department communicates with customer’s  regarding their requirements  →  Design department communicates with customer’s to confirm their requests  →  First draft -Modification -Final draft   →  Project management -Procurement -Production - Pre-construction  → Reconfirm with customer -Optimize details


Project department sets up on-site construction details  →  Collaborate with the customer regarding exhibit placement   →  Customer service department confirms with the customer -Final adjustments  →  Dismantling -Follow-up Services


Top Talent

Top Expo’s success stems from respect: providing a platform for talented and enthusiastic individuals. We respect each individual’s personality; desire to perform tasks and right to choose. We believe in equal job opportunities and helping everyone in developing their talent by providing a good working environment and harmonious atmosphere to build interpersonal relationships


Professional Team

Top Expo embodies talent, continuously providing training to increase professionalism and creativity in the work force. We advocate a healthy working lifestyle meaning it should bring us happiness and a sense of achievement. Outside of work, we encourage all our employees to pursue their interests and enrich their lives. Learning is a way of life.

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